First Impressions Audit

Valuable Insights

The idea behind this marketing audit, is to analyze your website and social media channels with a fresh pair of eyes.

It all starts on your website, to study your positioning, messaging and content marketing opportunities. It includes an SEO overview (technical seo included).

Then your social media channels.

You receive both a written report and a video walking you through the audit. It will include a mix of strategic questions and insights, as well as tactical wins that can be implemented quickly.


The audit is an opportunity to demonstrate my ability to quickly deliver valuable insights, so it is not in my interest to “cap” the time I spend working on your audit. The goal is to impress.

That being said, it still has to be a sprint, and you can expect 2 to 3 hours of deep work from me.

Ready to go?

Let’s dive into your marketing and uncover valuable questions, insights and quick wins.

Your Questions

It will take between 5 and 10 days for me deliver it, depending on when you book and my current work load.

It costs 340€ and it is a starter audit.

Website, Social media, Copy, Content, SEO… I’ll take a look at everything that is “public”.

You get my best insights, valuable questions, as well as some quick wins you can implement straight away.

The goal is here is to both give you valuable feedback on your digital marketing while demonstrating my ability to uncover strategic and tactical opportunities.

⚠️ If we end up working together on a marketing project, the cost of your audit will be deducted from my consulting package.

This audit is called “first impressions” because I do it with minimal input from you.

To bring a fresh point of view in my audit, I only need you to answer these 4 questions:

  1.  What do you do?

  2. Who do you serve?

  3. Who is your biggest competitor?

  4. Is there a specific area of your marketing that needs extra attention right now?

Answer these in a few sentences (or words) and I’ll get started.

Use the “start button” below to launch the process and fill the booking form.

I will review your answers and come back to you by email to set up the invoice.

You will be able to pay online, through a Stripe link, or regular bank transfer, should you be too afraid to use your credit card online.

Ready to go?

Let’s dive into your marketing and uncover valuable questions, insights and quick wins.